Child Health




The Care of Mothers and Young Children

As soon as you find out you are pregnant it is recommended that you self-register with the Midwife online by clicking here

If you require advice in early pregnancy please call 01733 673785 (Early Pregnancy Unit). For other pregnancy-related queries please call 01733 677266 (Maternity Unit).

A Midwife from the community team will visit you at home once the baby is born to give post-natal advice and carry out a newborn screening check prior to handing over care to the Health Visitor.

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Developmental Checks

A developmental check is carried out by the doctor when the baby is six weeks old. This is a good time to discuss the vaccination and immunization of the baby which we encourage in all children, save in rare circumstances.

The doctor will complete a medical examination at six to eight weeks followed by your baby's first injections given by the practice nurse.

A further developmental check is carried out at eight months of age by the health visitor and a medical with the GP.

Thereafter, developmental checks are offered on an individual basis until the child starts school.


Sick Children

Sick children under 5 are seen during normal surgery hours and will always be seen by a doctor (or nurse practitioner) on the day of request, though their usual one may not be available.

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Child Immunisations

If you received an invitation for your child's immunizations, please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment. For more information please visit the NHS website